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Welcome to Limerick Tutorial College

‘Now more than ever your Leaving Certificate results are extremely important’

Limerick Tutorial College is a family-run college that caters for full-time 5th Year, 6th Year and Repeat Leaving Certificate students of all levels and all abilities. We also run a number of revision courses for part-time students to assist them in their preparation for their Junior and Leaving Certificate.

Here at Limerick Tutorial College, our friendly and approachable staff offer full commitment to students and parents in helping them achieve their goals. Over the past 30 years we have assisted students in obtaining outstanding results in a personal and caring environment.

Our core philosophy is helping to achieve the best possible Leaving Certificate for each student.

Limerick Tutorial College is private grind school that has helped students achieve outstanding results over the past 30 years. Students have attended the school from all parts of Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Kilkenny and Tipperary.

Grind School

We at Limerick Tutorial College pride ourselves in being one of the foremost and best-known private schools in the country. As a tutorial school focusing on the senior cycle we can offer our students the best possible chance at achieving their potential in the Leaving Certificate. Tutorial schools operate independently and can offer both parents and student’s access to a structured education similar to their previous school but which is aimed directly at potential in the Leaving Certificate.

Tutorial School

As a grind school we can offer subjects not normally given at the students previous school or which may clash with a student’s timetable. Equally, as a private school we can offer external students the opportunity to study extra subjects outside of their own school. By virtue of our position as one of Ireland’s premier grind schools we offer external students the chance to achieve the best grades possible by attending our Leaving and Junior Certificate grind classes which are held of a Saturday.

Our ethos has developed over the decades and we feel that students can achieve their potential by being surrounded by hard working teachers and pupils alike. A private school such as Limerick Tutorial College that operates under the structure of a fulltime tutorial school and a weekend grind school should be one of any parent’s first stops on the path to providing their child with the best possible start to the academic year.