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Sixth Year Leaving Certificate Course

The College’s Sixth Year students are comprised of our former full-time Fifth Year students, First time and Repeat students from other schools. The College offers a huge range of subjects at both higher and ordinary levels during examination year.

Once they begin the year, students are immediately shown the College’s way of doing things; effective study and revision skills are developed. Examination techniques are improved throughout the year and access to tutorials is provided if and when difficulties arise within a certain subject.

As the student has only one year to get things completely right, the College concentrates on everything to the most minute detail. There is regular assessment of each student in order to eliminate any weak areas that he/she may have.

Sixth Year students are also encouraged to attend the College’s special Revision Courses during the holiday periods. The Sixth Year Course is ideal for new students to the College as well as those graduating from Fifth Year.


Repeat Year Leaving Certificate Course

Sitting the Leaving Certificate once is a challenge. Sitting it more than once takes a lot of commitment and a very strong focus. The vast majority of repeat students re-sit their exams because they want to obtain the required amount of points for a specific third level course. Limerick Tutorial College’s Repeat Leaving Certificate Course is designed with this in mind.

Repeat students have access to a broad range of subjects both at higher and ordinary levels. For the Repeat Leaving Certificate Course, all subjects are covered in their entirety while constant assessment and structured work practices are the norm.

The first thing the College does is determine why the repeat student did not achieve the right results the first time. Be it lack of work, ineffective study techniques, or individual personal circumstances, the College will ensure the same mistakes are not made a second time.

The Full-time Repeat Leaving Certificate Course can help students of all abilities achieve their objectives. The College doesn’t just teach the Leaving Certificate Course full stop. It can pinpoint what areas a repeat student needs to work on and then provide the necessary assistance.