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Extra Subjects : Starting September 2017

Limerick Tutorial College offers additional subjects to students in fifth and sixth year who are unable to study them in their own school, or who may not have the required grade in a subject for entry to third level.

Classes will commence in early September and continue throughout the year until June.

All subjects will be assessed continuously including in-house examinations in October, December and Pre-Examinations in early March.

Report cards containing feedback and guidance will be sent to all parents/guardians after each set of these exams.

Classes will be held in the evenings and some at the weekends to facilitate students.

All practical elements to any course will be thoroughly covered by our excellent teachers.


Subjects offered include:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Construction Studies
  • Design and Communication Graphics
  • Geography
  • Irish
  • Mathematics (H)
  • Mathematics (O)
  • Music


For any further information please contact the office at 061-315522