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Academic Mentor

Each student is assigned a mentor who will discuss study queries and examination results. This may lead to alterations being made to personalised study plans which will be in the best interest of the student.

In addition students have scheduled meetings which occur every eight weeks post ‘in-house’ school examinations in November, January, March and in advance of the Leaving Certificate.

Parents/Guardians are involved at all times throughout any decision making processes in the college.

Continuous weekly assessments will occur throughout the academic year and necessary feedback will be provided by each highly qualified teacher.

This mentoring process during the academic year comes into fruition for the students in the final weeks as they complete revision with their teacher’s right up to the early days of June.

Additional classes and preparation will be implemented prior to oral and practical examinations as required by students.

The continuous motivation and focus sets the tone for the students prior to and throughout their Leaving Certificate Examination period.

Excellent Study skills and examination techniques will be taught to students right throughout the academic year. These will be a key component to their success in their Leaving Certificate Examinations and throughout third level.