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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process in order to attend your College?

Students and a parent/guardian(s) come into the College and meet with the Principal or a member of the admissions staff. Subject choice, each students personalised study timetable and any other queries will be discussed at this meeting. Application forms are offered to motivated and enthusiastic candidates who are prepared to work and do their best irrespective of their ability after this meeting.

What are school hours?

Classes begin at 9am and continue to 5pm with the exception of some subjects that are taught in the evening.

What is the duration of each class/study session?

Each class or study session is an hour long.

Why are classes taught in the evening?

To ensure that the best teachers are available it is necessary to have classes later than 5pm in order to maintain the highest possible standards of teaching.

What is the length of the school day?

The school day commences at 9am and continues through to 5pm. Supervised evening study runs from either 6-9pm or 7-10pm depending on each student’s preference.

What are the benefits of attending both Fifth and Sixth Years at Limerick Tutorial College?

At Limerick Tutorial College we cover 80%-85% of the Leaving Certificate material in Fifth year. Students are then in a position to revise this information and develop their knowledge further when it is covered again in Sixth year.

What Subjects are studied for Leaving Certificate Examinations?

We offer 24 subjects for the Leaving Certificate

What study facilities are provided at Limerick Tutorial College?

Limerick Tutorial College opens for students to avail of study should they wish to at 8am. Supervised study is available between the following hours:

Monday – Friday :            9am-10pm

Saturday :                              9am-5pm

Sunday :                                 1.30-5.30pm


What do students do when they do not have a timetabled class?

When not in a timetabled class students must be present in study at their assigned desk and adhering to their personal study plan. This study is strictly supervised and attendance is recorded at each session.

Will my son or daughter’s attendance at school be monitored?

Yes. Teachers and study supervisors send hourly absentee reports to the attendance officer. Parents who have not already contacted the office at 9am excusing the student for that day or an appointment during that day will be immediately contacted by the attendance officer.

Where do students who are not local to Limerick stay?

Once a student has been enrolled Limerick Tutorial College will provide an extensive list of approved accommodation. There are a variety of options available to facilitate individual needs and requirements e.g. full and half board rooms with local landladies.

What lunch facilities do you have?

Limerick Tutorial College has an on-site coffee dock providing warm drinks, soups and sandwiches. For those who wish to bring their own lunch they can use a designated eating area. There are many local eateries that have Student Special lunches and dinners throughout the day.

As a repeat student do I have to re-sit all of my old subjects?

No, unless the subject or a particular grade in a specific subject are a requirement for the course you wish to study at third level. Each student’s subject choice will be made with the guidance of our experienced professionals during the interview process.

Why will my son or daughter do better with your teachers?

Limerick Tutorial College teachers are highly motivated, caring and experienced. They have consistently delivered some of the best results in Ireland for the past 23 years. Each one is an expert in their field and provides notes to this standard. Our teachers are authors of school books, they correct examination papers and their experience and guidance is often sought by both national and local media throughout the year and especially at examination time in June.

How are students assessed for progress?

All subjects will be assessed informally daily, weekly and continuous assessment is carried out throughout the year. There are in-house exams timetabled for October, December and the Pre-Examinations in Late February/ Early March. Each student will meet an academic officer to discuss their progress and make any necessary changes to their study plan if required. Parents are always informed of the outcome of these meetings and can in fact be present if needed.

Do you provide Career Guidance Services?

We have a highly qualified and experienced career guidance officer who will meet with students in a group or individual capacity as necessary.

Will there be guidance or help for applying for Reasonable Accommodations, DARE/HEAR or NUI Language exemptions?

Yes, we have several candidates each year who will apply and qualify for the above mentioned examination provisions.

What is the dress code for your College?

There is no uniform at LTC but all students are expected to be dressed respectably and appropriately for a school environment.