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Daily Tips – Leaving Certificate Physics

June 15, 2017


More tips from our Physics Teacher Michelle Curtin.

Section A – 3 out of 4 Questions (30%)

Revising Experiments:

  • Know the relevant equation and be able to rearrange it to give the quantity you need.
  • If you are to draw a graph then make sure you know what you need to do to the quantities you are given.
  • Be able to do any calculation from the graph.
  • Practice drawing the apparatus paying particular attention that you have included the instruments of the quantities you are measuring e.g. ammeter or thermometer.
  • Know any precautions and the reason for them.
  • Revise the experiment. Do a previous exam question. Check your answers from the marking scheme. Use the pres to practice extra questions.

Drawing Graphs

  • Make sure you have your variables changed if you need to. Use your relevant equation to check.
  • Make sure your units are in SI units.
  • Label your axis
  • Most graphs start with 00. It will make it easier to draw the straight line through it.
  • Show the two points you are using for the slope. Ideally they should be on the line but not from the table.
  • Do not do any calculations on the graph page.

Section B (70%)


  • Revise Physics topic by topic i.e. Mechanics / Heat / Light.
  • Check if you can write out all Definitions / Demonstrations / Derivations / Formula for that topic
  • Practice exam Q’s for each topic i.e. Mechanics usually appears in Q6 and Q12a as well as some short Q’s in Q5.
  • Check the marking schemes for each exam question completed.
  • Keep practising questions on that topic until you can answer them without having to look back notes.
  • On the day take time to pick your questions. Always read the question in full before picking and starting it.
  • Allow 20 mins per question.