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Maths Grinds Waterford

Never before has Maths been such an important Leaving Certificate and therefore as the lead into it a Junior Certificate subject. With twenty five points extra for each and ever grade from a D3 to an A1 all students will want to do their very best at honours maths. No matter what a students ability, they will often struggle to keep up with their teacher, pass their exams or achieve the desired A1.

Maths Grind Waterford

In order to help these students at Limerick Tutorial College we offer specific Leaving Cert Maths Grinds. These maths grind courses are offered at both higher and ordinary level. Maths grinds and more importantly Leaving Cert maths grinds enable the student to solve issues that they are having in the subject on a daily basis and they then also enable the student to develop a core understanding of the subject, this helps them when learning the new topics at their own school.

Leaving Cert Maths Grinds Waterford

We offer a maths grind on Saturdays at Limerick Tutorial College with experienced and dedicated teachers at both levels. We also offer leaving cert maths grinds at our Christmas and Easter Revision Courses.

Limerick Tutorial College is private grind school that offers maths grinds to students from Waterford and other parts of Ireland, including Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, GalwayDublin and Kilkenny.