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French Grinds Waterford

French grinds are offered at Limerick Tutorial College on Saturday mornings to both Leaving Certificate students and Junior Certificate students along with a separate Fifth Year French grind. French grinds enable students to develop a keen understanding of the syllabus and develop their written and oral skills.  

French Grind Waterford

By attending a French grind the student at both Leaving Certificate,  Junior Certificate and Fifth year will develop a better vocabulary and have a much better grounding in vocabulary. French grinds will also be of benefit to students who have fallen behind due to illness and absenteeism and who wish to return to their previous standard.

Limerick Tutorial College is private grind school that offers French Grinds to students from Waterford and other parts of Ireland, including Limerick, Cork, Kilkenny, GalwayDublin and Tipperary.