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Christmas Revision Kilkenny

In order to assist students with their preparation and revision for exams, we offer Christmas Revision Courses. These Christmas Revision Courses are not just for Leaving Certificate students they are also aimed at Junior Cert students as well. For some students who may be falling behind or others who need to polish off their understanding and grades then the Christmas Revision Course is the perfect opportunity to ensure that the work is done and being done well.

Christmas Revision Courses Kilkenny

A student that attends our Christmas Revision classes have a better understanding of what key elements they do and don’t have a strong grasp of. The Christmas courses allow the student to do final preparation for their orals in languages and also to set out a solid revision plan from the end of the Christmas Revision Course through to the start of the Leaving Certificate itself.

Christmas Revision Course Kilkenny

Christmas Revision Classes are structured to allow student to recap the information quickly and to get a further understanding that shows the student has a top class knowledge of the topic.

Limerick Tutorial College is private grind school that offers Christmas Revision classes to students from Kilkenny and other parts of Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, GalwayWaterford and Tipperary.