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The Reason Limerick Tutorial College Succeeds

Partnership, Assessment and Pastoral Care

Limerick Tutorial College’s teachers are experienced, highly qualified and hard-working. They are keenly aware of examination requirements and are always more than willing to help facilitate students of all abilities.

However, the College’s dedicated teaching staff aren’t the only reason for its success. Limerick Tutorial College believes that good education means a good partnership. That’s why from the moment a new student enters the College, a three–way relationship is fostered.

The College, in unison with the student and parent/guardian(s), sets realistic objectives. From then on, there is a constant channel of communication between all three partners. This ongoing process ensures everyone knows what is expected and, if ever things go a little off course, swift action can be taken.

Limerick Tutorial College also has a policy of constant assessment. This allows parents and College alike to monitor the progress of the student. When assessment results are good, the student’s efforts are noted and commended.  Alternatively when assessment results are not acceptable, strong encouragement and advice is provided.

Most importantly, the College concerns itself with the total development of each individual student, caring for him/her in living and growing as much as in study and learning. A Career Guidance teacher is present throughout the year to discuss with students the various third level career options available.These discussions can be on an individual basis.

In addition to this assistance, counselling can be provided should the occasion arise. All of these steps ensure students at Limerick Tutorial College are happy, informed and well catered for.