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Teaching students how to study

‘Practice makes perfect’ is a saying many people are fond of using. However, it is wrong. The truth is perfect practice makes perfect. Unless things are done the right way from the very start, the benefits gained will be limited. Accordingly, at Limerick Tutorial College, nobody believes study automatically leads to good results. In fact, the College continuously reminds its students that only quality study practices –and nothing else- will reap the right rewards.

Limerick Tutorial College teaches students strong study techniques. Many students are surprised at how much their studying improves once they attend the College. They find they can do a lot more work in a lot less time and with a lot less trouble. While the priority is obviously on the excellence of the teaching in the classroom, the College also provides extra study aids for the students.

A hallmark of almost all of our past students will be their ability to study most profitability. This in turn provides them with a great advantage during their third level education and beyond. The marked improvement in study technique which Limerick Tutorial College helps achieve has been noted not only by our students, but also by their parents and others.